Since its inception in the late 1970's, Ambrose International has indeed distinguished itself as a global leader. Steadily Ambrose has grown into a formidable force, not just locally but throughout the Midwest and in the South. This has been accomplished through the dedicated persistence of experienced staff to deliver the best value to its customers. While the organization gains international presence - represented by over 100 mills - local distribution remains strong. Personal attention is still an Ambrose standard.
Through a campaign called "Think Green", Ambrose reinforces its commitment to corporate stewardship, ensuring its customers that environmentally friendly products are stocked in every product category. An extensive collection of recycled inventory represents a promise to respect our ecosystem and supply products from recycled materials. It's a commitment to the welfare of the planet and an Ambrose customer relations hallmark.

Ambrose built its reputation on being proactive, respecting the environment and offering products of exceptional value. Since our beginning that philosophy hasn't changed and has been the reason behind our global success.